Responsible Investing

Formentor Capital

Convinced of the value that responsible investment has both for the business world and for society as a whole, Formentor Capital has established principles and guidelines to serve as a framework to formalize the integration of environmental, social and corporate governance criteria in all investment activities and decisions.


Currently, Formentor Capital has a responsible investment policy, aligned with the 6 principles of responsible investment defined by the United Nations (UN PRI), through which it explains the process of integrating sustainability risks in the stages of its investment cycle, considering from the initial phases to divestment.

We will incorporate ESG issues into investment analysis and decision-making processes      

We will be active owners and incorporate ESG issues into our ownership practices and policies.

We will seek adequate disclosure of ESG matters by the entities in which we invest.

We will promote the acceptance and implementation of the Principles in the investment sector.

We will work collaboratively to increase our effectiveness in applying the Principles.  

Each of us will report on our activities and progress with respect to the implementation of the Principles.

Formentor Capital is an independent private equity firm that invests in companies with the potential to increase their value, through strategies of growth, internationalization, sector consolidation, and increased profitability.

Start of the process
In the initial phases of an investment, Formentor Capital carries out an analysis of sustainability risks through an ESG Due Diligence, being advised in this process by independent external advisors that rely on internationally recognized frameworks for the evaluation of said risks.