Investment Strategy

Formentor Capital

Formentor Capital manages alternative investment vehicles. Both the private equity and the vehicles are regulated by the CNMV. Formentor Capital is an independent private equity firm that invests in companies with the potential to increase their value, through strategies of growth, internationalization, sector consolidation and increased profitability.


We select and develop medium-sized unlisted companies whose main activity is carried out in the field of Spain and Portugal.


Multisectoral approach (except for financial and real estate), having the team experience in industrial sectors, services, distribution, food, transport, etc.


Medium-sized companies. – EBITDA: From € 2Mn to 10Mn.

Characteristics of investments

Relevant and sustainable companies

Companies with relevant market position and sustainable competitive advantages.

Conservative and efficient structures

Financing structure of the most efficient operation in each case. Conservative approach.

Proven and stable businesses

Proven business models and stable cash flows.

Project Needs

Companies in a situation of generational succession, shareholder change, need for financial resources and / or need for strategic support, internationalization, expansion and / or greater professionalization within management teams.

Implementation commitment

The experience and excellence of the Formentor Capital team guarantees an agile and optimal transaction for all parties involved.

Value creation

Definition of objectives

Establishment of improvement objectives of the companies through a plan of 100 days and 1,000 days.    

 Support from the Formentor Capital network to implement improvements in the day-to-day business.

Hands-on approach: Active support to management teams in the development of their growth plans.

Decision making oriented to the creation of value.

Formentor Capital Team

  • Support to management teams in the development of strategies and the implementation of business plans.
  • Ability to attract independent and prestigious members on boards of directors.
  • Specialization in the segment of medium-sized companies and family businesses.
  • Deep knowledge and understanding of the transition processes from family businesses to professionalized companies.
  • Agility and flexibility in decision-making at any time during the investment process.
  • Professional team with extensive experience in the venture capital and corporate operations sector.
  • Contacts for operations support: Our operating partners are former CEOs or presidents of successful companies. They help us analyze opportunities, design 100-day and 1,000-day plans, and support teams in implementing improvements in companies. They invest with us in the operation and ensure that the plan is implemented and improved from a board of directors prism or from an executive position.
  • Contacts for export support: These are contacts that work in the main countries to which Spain exports, helping our companies to analyze and increase their exports.